Everyone has that delicious dish they’re known for when it comes to parties, tailgates, potlucks, or even cozy nights in. Get ready for this crowd-pleasing sausage apple dip to be YOUR signature dish. After you make it once, your friends and family will be asking you to bring it to every single gathering.

Sweet and savory flavors have never married as perfectly as they do in this incredible sausage apple dip. The love language between hearty sausage, cream cheese, and fresh apples is amplified by the effervescent notes of crisp, hard cider. And the best part? You can use ANY Clarksburg cider variety. Choose a different flavor each time you make this recipe and see which creates the most sparks for your taste buds.

This recipe starts with sautéed onions. You don’t want to skip this step! The process of browning the onions adds a deeper flavor to your dip. Plus, you’ll use the same onion pan to brown your sausage and simmer it with your Clarksburg hard cider. This allows that scrumptious onion flavor to infuse every piece of your meat.

The hot pork sausage, when paired with the RO*TEL tomato and green chili blend, adds the perfect kick to your dip. They both deliver a subtle spice that leaves any dip lover wanting more instead of running for a tall glass of water.

Cream cheese gives this dip a luxurious, smooth consistency. And tossing in the chunks of crisp apple gives it a harmonious blend of outstanding tastes and textures.

Not sure what to use for dipping? Literally anything works with this dip. Our favorites are tortilla chips, crackers, thick-cut bell peppers, or zucchini wedges.

Go on—grab your favorite Clarksburg hard cider and get ready to create the most epic dip that your guests will dream about for days.
Prep time: 10 minutes
Total time: 25 minutes
Yield: Serves about 6 – 8 people
1 medium onion
1 tbsp. butter
1 lb. hot pork sausage
1 8-oz. package cream cheese
1 can RO*TEL diced tomato and green chili blend
1 apple (sweet variety)
1 can Clarksburg SHOUT! Hard Cider
Step 1
Sauté onions in butter and put aside.

Step 2
Brown sausage in same pan.

Step 3
Add half can of Clarksburg cider.

Step 4
Sip and enjoy other half as you let sausage simmer 5 minutes.

Step 5
Cut apple into small chunks.

Step 6
Combine sautéed onions, cider-soaked sausage, cream cheese, RO*TEL, and apple chunks in a slow cooker.

Step 7
Set to LOW for one hour or until fully melted.

Step 8
Grab your favorite dipping chip and ENJOY!

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