When it comes to condiments, this mouthwatering cranberry relish is a jack-of-all-trades. Make it a part of your next expertly crafted charcuterie board. Spread it on a turkey sandwich for lunch. Throw it on top of a protein-packed salad. Use it to take your pulled pork sandwiches to the next level. Heck, you can even dab some on your waffles for a unique breakfast treat. Honestly, the possibilities are endless.

To get started, you’ll need to dig out your blender. It’s vital to get the right texture for your relish and to make sure all the flavors marry together flawlessly.

Toss the cranberries in the blender first. Then, cut up your fruits—oranges and apples. Those will go in the blender next. Top it off with a can of Clarksburg Cranberry Ginger Hard Cider and some orange juice. And finally, add your sugar (or Splenda, for fewer calories) to establish that sweet relish flavor.

Now, get ready to fire up that blender. A simple way to make sure you don’t over-blend is to use the “pulse” button. This will allow you to easily blend, stop, stir, and repeat if necessary. You want to work carefully to reach that ideal relish consistency. If you mix it up too much, it’ll be thin or watery.

Once you’re finished, it’s time to relish the fruits of your labor. The sweet and tart flavors complemented by the bubbly zing of hard cider will have you hooked. You’ll find yourself adding this versatile condiment to anything you can. Just don’t put it in your morning cereal; that might be weird. On second thought … *grabs a bowl of cereal and fresh-made cranberry relish.*
Prep time: 5 minutes
Total time: 10 minutes
Yield: 4 cups of relish
1 12-oz. bag of fresh cranberries
1 navel orange
1 Granny Smith apple
¼ c. Clarksburg Cranberry Ginger Hard Cider
¼ c. orange juice
¼ c. granulated sugar (or three packets Splenda)
Step 1
Add bag of cranberries to blender.

Step 2
Cut navel orange and apple into slices and add to blender.

Step 3
Pour cider into blender, along with orange juice.

Step 4
Add sugar or sugar substitute to blender.

Step 5
Pulse blender, stopping and stirring occasionally, until mixture reaches a relish consistency. Be sure not to blend too long or mixture will get too thin.

Step 6
Refrigerate until ready to enjoy.

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