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Classic Hard Ciders

Our lineup of classic hard ciders may look like the usual suspects at first. But we aim to challenge conventional flavor profiles even when crafting conventional flavors. With a semi-sweet that’s not too sweet and a dry that’s as smooth as it is sophisticated, you may end up viewing your old favorites in a whole new light.

Clarksburg Dry Hard Cider

Dry Hard Cider

Just as wine shouldn’t taste like grape juice, Clarksburg Dry hard cider doesn’t taste like apple juice. More subtle in its approach, light, green-fleshed apples lead the way with a sophisticated finish reminiscent of a dry white wine.

6.25% ABV
Gluten Free
In Stores
Clarksburg Semi Sweet Hard Cider

Semi-Sweet Hard Cider

Defying the expectations of a traditional sweet cider, Clarksburg Semi-Sweet hard cider leads with the taste of bright, red-fleshed apples with just a hint of sugar before the sweetness quickly ebbs for a clean finish that restores the palate.

6.25% ABV
Gluten Free
In Stores

Seasonal Hard Ciders

Developing our seasonal flavors has more to do with curiosity than the calendar. It’s about experimentation where we break as many rules as we follow, where we have to get it wrong before we get it right. It’s our pursuit of the unexpected that invites as many raised eyebrows as raised glasses. So, enjoy these special blends while you can. We promise you’ll meet again, same time next year.

Clarksburg Savory Sweet Hard Cider

Savory Citrus Hard Cider

No need to pucker up for a citrus-forward beverage that’s too tart. Clarksburg Savory Citrus hard cider gets the balance right, coaxing the best out of lemons and locally-grown apples before rounding the edges with the slightest touch of sea salt.

6.25% ABV
Gluten Free
In Stores Soon

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